My Son


After yesterday’s post about my daughter, I thought I would like to write a few things about my son.

He was determined from his very beginning, showing up in my life at a time when I would have thought it was not possible: I moved that month, had a terrible bronchitis, had two teeth pulled for orthodontia and had my out of state dad coming to stay with us just a week after moving into our new home.  But he was meant to be.  And just as I had felt ambivalent about my daughter when I was pregnant with her, so did I feel that way with him, but for a completely different reason.  She was my child and I could not imagine having another one to share my love with.  It seemed that anyone else would take away from what I wanted to be able to give to her.

The time for his birth came, and again, it was to be a Lamaze experience.  But what a different one from my daughter. The contractions would start and I would dutifully start breathing only to stop midway through.  “Breathe!” my husband would say.  “Why are you stopping?”

“It doesn’t hurt! ” I responded.  I only had one pain where I tried to rip apart the bedsheets.  One pain and there he was!  This was a much more promising start to our relationship than the exhaustion I had with my daughter.  He was so different from her.  Instead of curling up in a ball on my chest and sleeping as she had, he raised his head to look around.  He was so strong!  He looked like a boy with his square hands, and his shoulders that were shaped differently than hers.

And that day I learned that there was more than enough love to go around.  My love for him was shared and reflected by the love his big sister had for him.  Many times I would have to say “Not so tight!  Not so tight!” as she determinedly squeezed him.

And did he grow up to be as wonderful as his sister?  Yes he did!  It has been harder to keep close to him as he joined the Marines after high school, then moved to Texas where he went to college.  He is still there, studying in medical school.  I experienced the empty nest syndrome severely when he left after high school.  My consolation is that he is a wonderful human being.  This summer he is going with a group of students from his school to assist in a medical program for the poor in Nicaragua.  He will only have 6 days of summer vacation.  I hope to fit in a visit to him.  I am so blessed with my children and the love and life we have so far shared together.


Author: jet197

A Spanish speaking elementary resource teacher, single mom with two grown kids and a pasión for the outdoors and books. I am a big curious question mark always pondering with a penchant for poetry.

3 thoughts on “My Son”

  1. Two kids, two different experiences, but enough love for each of them. They both sound like outstanding individuals. Congratualtions! Hope you get a visit this summer.


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