Tick Tock

The clock was not my friend tonight. All day long I raced through my daily activities with the pressure of thinking about writing today’s slice of life blog. My mind has been blank, refusing to  cough up the smallest inspiration. I commented on a lot of wonderful blogs that I read today, and some of my comments triggered memories for stories of my own but I did not feel it would be right to write about those here. Today was the last day of school  before break and the children were surprisingly calm and hard-working. Maybe I just have spring fever. It seems that no amount of caffeine can recharge my battery lately.  Well, as they say, tomorrow’s another day.


Author: jet197

A Spanish speaking elementary resource teacher, single mom with two grown kids and a pasión for the outdoors and books. I am a big curious question mark always pondering with a penchant for poetry.

5 thoughts on “Tick Tock”

  1. Even though it feels you have lost your inspiration it’s great that you still posted!! I have been feeling very similarly with my posts lately. Give yourself credit for still posting! Way to go!! Today is a new day, you can do it!!

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